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Lower Homes Sales in February 2017

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February homes sales had a little dip this year for Wisconsin. One would think that home sales would be on the lower side in the winter months, but this is something more. According to Erik Sjowall, WRA board chairman, “With 30-year fixed-rate mortgages in the low 4 percent range for the first two months of […]

New Construction Homes Are the Hot New Thing

Elysian Realty in Green Bay, WI

The Commerce Department posted that newly built single-family homes increased 3.7% for the month of January 2017. Which is kinda a big deal.  Robert Dietz, chief economist of the National Association of Home Builders says, “As the supply of existing homes remains tight, more consumers will turn to new construction.”  Pretty interesting, huh? Keep in mind, […]

January 2017 Homes Sales UP

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2017 is off to a great start! January put out strong home sales in the state of Wisconsin. 2017 home sales were up 1.6% from January 2016. BUT. This growth rate is lower than the 5.9% sales growth throughout the whole 2016 year. As home prices in January continued to rise, so did the median […]

Foreclosure Homes in Today’s Market

Short Sale, Foreclosure and REO Certified

Ahhh, foreclosure homes. REOs. Bank Owned properties. Whatever you want to call them, I get asked about them all the time. Are foreclosure homes still out there? Are they the best deals? Yes and no. To both of those questions.  Yes, foreclosure homes are still around, but according to the Wisconsin Realtors Association (WRA), “annual […]

Home Selling FAQs in Green Bay, WI

Home Selling FAQs from Green Bay Realtor

Thinking about selling your Green Bay area home? I’m sure you have questions. Even if you’ve sold more than a couple of homes, I bet you still have questions. At least you should! Selling your home is very different from even just a few years ago. Home buying and home selling is definitely an area […]

2016 End of Year Stats

Green Bay, WI Home Sales Are Up

2016 was a record breaking year for Wisconsin home sales! The year was full of solid growth, which caused annual home sales to a record high. According to the Wisconsin Realtors Association (WRA), December 2016 home sales were 4.1% above 2015 December home sales. This year, as a whole, saw an increase of 6.1% for […]