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Top Home Trends for 2017

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I may be a little late with this blog post since it’s already May — but I always find “trends” fascinating no matter the time of year. Some I agree with and some I shake my head and say, no way.  Here are some of the hot trends taking place as we speak Bars Pendant […]

Sell Your Home Checklist

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Thinking of selling your home? Here’s a basic checklist of what all is involved when you work with me.  Before your home is listed Hire Me Find a mortgage broker/lender if you are planning to buy another property after you sell your current property. I recommend comparing at least two lenders/mortgage brokers to see who […]

Mortgage Rates Forecast for 2017

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I get asked all the time if mortgage rates will increase during the 2017 year. When I answer, “Most likely, yes.” The very next question I get is how much will they raise.  While, you can’t pinpoint the exact amount mortgages rates will raise (or even lower), the general consensus among the rate gurus (Freddie […]