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Homeowner Winter Thoughts

Whether you’re new to owning a home or have owned your home for years and years; here are some homeowning tips to get you and your home through the winter months: When was the last time you’ve had the insulation checked? Is it enough? Could you use more? When you read this and think to […]

Fall Yard Clean Up is Here

Fall Season in Green Bay, WI

Don’t you just love fall? The beautiful colors? The cool crisp air? Bonfires? Tons and tons and tons of leaves covering every inch of your yard? Okay, so maybe not that last part. But still, fall is a great season. It’s also a season not to neglect your yard.  So, what do the professionals say […]

What is a Final Walkthrough?

Closing Costs Fees in Green Bay, WI

So you’ve cruised by most of the home buying process and you’re about to close. And then your buyer’s agent asks, “When should we schedule the final walkthrough?” What is a final walkthrough?? Well, it’s just how it sounds. It is the last time you, as the buyer, will walk through the home you are […]

July 2018 Green Bay Housing Market

Baby Boomers Home Buying in Green Bay, WI

I feel like a broken record when I’m giving these snapshots of the Green Bay, WI housing market. We still have low inventory. Prices are still increasing fasting than general inflation. Bidding wars are becoming the norm, as with each new house that comes onto our market we have the same previously out-bidded buyer’s still […]