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Elysian Realty in Green Bay, WI
Elysian Realty in Green Bay, WI

Happy New Years! The beginning of a new year brings enlightenment and promises of a new start; resolutions will be made with the best of intentions. Maybe they will be kept, and maybe they won’t. Changing your lifestyle is not for the faint of heart, but for the strong-willed and determined. Here are some of … Read more

SFR Certified!


This week was a great week in the wonderful city of Green Bay! The temperatures for this week in December were above freezing (kind of), there was some sunshine, holiday cheer is all around, and I received my SFR Certification. Life is good. Now, what exactly is it to be SFR Certified? Short Sales andForeclosuresRecourse … Read more

Home Showing Tips

Homes for Sale in Green Bay, WI
Homes for Sale in Green Bay, WI

You’ve made the decision to sell your home. You picked out your Realtor, and your home is currently on the market. Now what? Most likely, your Realtor has marketed and advertised your home to the best of their ability, and soon showings will be scheduled. Showings are when the magic happens; potential customers tour your … Read more

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