Buying Homes in Green Bay, WI

Tax Tips for Home Owners

Home Loan and Mortgage Financing Rates in Green Bay, WI

One big difference from renting and owning your own home are the tax benefits! We could all use more tax breaks, no? 1. Mortgage Interest – Every month you pay in to cover your principle, interest, insurance, and taxes (see tax benefit #2). Keep track of your interest amount! Use that as an itemized deduction. […]

Who Are All the Home Buyers?

Selling Your Home in Green Bay, WI

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) conducted a survey in July of 2021. The received 5,795 responses from homebuyers who purchased a primary residence between July 2020 and June 2021. The report’s information about sellers comes from the buyer respondents who also sold a home. This is their findings among homebuyers: “In 2021, millennials, those […]

Bidding Wars and Home Buyers

Home Selling and Bidding Wars

According to the news website, “70% of home buyers faced a bidding war in May 2021 – up significantly from the 52% rate seen last year” Don’t lose hope my Home Buyer People! All is NOT lost. One of the key items you need in order to win and get the home you want […]