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Stop! Counter Top Time!

Granite Counter tops Green Bay, WI

There are so many different types of counter tops to choose from, and they all vary in price, color, style… everything! Here’s a good list of what’s out there and what’s in style.    Granite Counter Tops – Still pretty much the top choice among homeowners. Because it’s a natural stone it does come in […]

Home Buyer Turnoffs

Spring Cleaning and Donation Sites in Green Bay, WI

I’ve written blog posts in the past about things that home buyers like/want/need, which you can read here, here, and here. But what turns a buyer off? Ooooohh, let’s see… Bad smells probably takes the cake on that. And by bad smells I mean, pet odor (yes, cat owners with dirty litter boxes, I’m looking […]

2017 April Home Sales Suffer

Homes for Sale in Green Bay, WI

April home sales weakened compared to sales in the same month last year. But what does this all mean?  Well, the number of closed home sales did drop about 10.7%. Buuuuuut,  because of this it median prices up to $171,000, which is a 6.9% increase over April  of 2016. Inventory levels of single family homes have consistently […]

Top Home Trends for 2017

pendant lights hot trend in Green Bay WI

I may be a little late with this blog post since it’s already May — but I always find “trends” fascinating no matter the time of year. Some I agree with and some I shake my head and say, no way.  Here are some of the hot trends taking place as we speak Bars Pendant […]

Sell Your Home Checklist

Elysian Realty Green Bay, WI Realtor

Thinking of selling your home? Here’s a basic checklist of what all is involved when you work with me.  Before your home is listed Hire Me Find a mortgage broker/lender if you are planning to buy another property after you sell your current property. I recommend comparing at least two lenders/mortgage brokers to see who […]

Mortgage Rates Forecast for 2017

Elysian Realty in Green Bay, WI

I get asked all the time if mortgage rates will increase during the 2017 year. When I answer, “Most likely, yes.” The very next question I get is how much will they raise.  While, you can’t pinpoint the exact amount mortgages rates will raise (or even lower), the general consensus among the rate gurus (Freddie […]