Home Buying and Home Selling Tips from Green Bay Real Estate Agent and Realtor

Homeowner Winter Thoughts

Whether you’re new to owning a home or have owned your home for years and years; here are some homeowning tips to get you and your home through the winter months: When was the last time you’ve had the insulation checked? Is it enough? Could you use more? When you read this and think to […]

What is a Final Walkthrough?

Closing Costs Fees in Green Bay, WI

So you’ve cruised by most of the home buying process and you’re about to close. And then your buyer’s agent asks, “When should we schedule the final walkthrough?” What is a final walkthrough?? Well, it’s just how it sounds. It is the last time you, as the buyer, will walk through the home you are […]

2017 April Home Sales Suffer

Homes for Sale in Green Bay, WI

April home sales weakened compared to sales in the same month last year. But what does this all mean?  Well, the number of closed home sales did drop about 10.7%. Buuuuuut,  because of this it median prices up to $171,000, which is a 6.9% increase over April  of 2016. Inventory levels of single family homes have consistently […]

Top Staging Principles

How not to sell your home in Green Bay WI

When one thinks of home staging, your mind goes to furniture placement and wise space usage. There’s a bit more to that, actually. There was a study completed by Duke University that shows the top staging principles, and they are: Removing personal items from bathrooms (soap, toothbrushes, razors…) Use rooms as their intended purpose. EX: […]

What Buyer’s Want in April 2017

Garden Space in Green Bay WI

I’ve decided that every few months I’m going to write a short blog post on what buyer’s want. This will be the top deciding factors (or the most outlandish ones, because, hey, that’s more fun to talk about) home buyers are using when picking their new home.  Without further ado, what do buyer’s want 4/17 […]

Home Selling FAQs in Green Bay, WI

Home Selling FAQs from Green Bay Realtor

Thinking about selling your Green Bay area home? I’m sure you have questions. Even if you’ve sold more than a couple of homes, I bet you still have questions. At least you should! Selling your home is very different from even just a few years ago. Home buying and home selling is definitely an area […]