Home Buying and Home Selling Tips from Green Bay Real Estate Agent and Realtor

Home Selling FAQs in Green Bay, WI

Home Selling FAQs from Green Bay Realtor

Thinking about selling your Green Bay area home? I’m sure you have questions. Even if you’ve sold more than a couple of homes, I bet you still have questions. At least you should! Selling your home is very different from even just a few years ago. Home buying and home selling is definitely an area […]

Home Buyers Checklist in Green Bay, WI

Green Bay Home Buyer's Checklist

A home buying checklist, just for you! To-Do Now Find and pick your buyer’s agent. Find a mortgage broker/lender. Talk to at least 2 different brokers/lenders to see who will give you the best terms and rates. Need a Referral for a Loan Officer? Contact me via email at info@homesforsalegb.com or call/text 773.218.0502 and I […]

Is your Furnace Operating Efficiently?


It’s that time of the year where your furnace works mostly non-stop. But is it operating optimally? Well, with it running up to 15 hours a day, I would certainly hope so! Here are some top tips to keep you warm all winter long while keeping your furnace running smoothly: Clean/Replace your furnace filters every […]

The Cons of a Fixer Upper

The Cons of a Fixer Upper Home in Green Bay, WI

I’ve previously written a blog post on the positive perks of purchasing a fixer upper home in the Green Bay, Wisconsin.  You can read that here.  But let’s Debbie Down this a bit and talk about the potential downfalls of a fixer upper home.  Hidden Costs – So you saved some money on the purchase […]

New Home Trends to AVOID

New Home Trends to Avoid in Green Bay, WI

Do you remember when brown and aqua color, “chocqua,” was all the rage? And do you see how today it’s not? Good. These new trends are somewhat along the same lines.  Avoid these, or realize that they’re just the new craze. Wallpaper – You think I’m kidding? I’m not. Wallpaper is making a comeback. Actually… […]