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Green Bay Area Neighborhood Info

The Village of Allouez in Green Bay 54301

Homes for Sale in Allouez, WI

I thought I would share some stats for the different villages and towns located in or around Green Bay, WI. Knowing a little bit about the neighborhood can certainly help you make real estate decisions and choose a location for your new home. Out of all the wonderful places in Green Bay, I chose to […]


Ashwaubenon, WI – Home of the Packers 54304 54313

Homes in Ashwaubenon, WI - Home of the Green Bay Packers

Time to talk all about the Village of Ashwaubenon, WI. Many of you may know that this part of Green Bay is home to Lambeau Field where the Packers play. I’m here to write about what you may not know about Ashwaubenon! Ashwaubenon Homes for Sale A Little Ashwaubenon History It’s said that Ashwaubenon was […]


Historic Astor Park 54301

Astor Park Neighborhood Information in Green Bay, WI

Ahhhh Astor Park. Home of many historic homes. Some grand and some small. Astor Park is located super close to downtown Green Bay, and in the 54301 zip code. Astor Park Homes for Sale A Little Astor Park History Astor Park was added to the National Register of Historic Places in February of 1980. The Astor […]


The Village of Bellevue in Green Bay 54311

Homes for Sale in Bellevue, WI

We’re onto a different part of Green Bay! First we covered Allouez, now we move onto the Village of Bellevue. I wonder which part of town will be next… Bellevue Homes for Sale A Little Bellevue History The town of Bellevue was established in 1856, and by 1874 the Allouez side split off and become […]


Condo Living in Green Bay, WI

Condos for Sale in Green Bay, WI

Everyone always says, “location, location, location” is the key. And while that is true, type of housing is also key! A traditional single family home or condo living? The two are very different… Condos for Sale in Green Bay Hot Perks of Green Bay Condo Life Buyers love the condo living life for different reasons. […]


City of De Pere, WI 54115

Homes for Sale in De Pere, WI

De Pere, Wisconsin is not exactly Green Bay. Although it is part of the Green Bay area as a suburb. De Pere is located right next to Green Bay, and is full of homes, parks, schools, shopping and more. De Pere is broken down into East De Pere and West De Pere, divded by a bridge.  […]


The Village of Hobart in Green Bay, WI 54115

Hobart, WI in Brown County

Taking a peek at a different part of Green Bay, WI — the village of Hobart! What’s Hobart, Wisconsin all about? Read on, my friends. If you’re curious as to other areas in Green Bay, WI, click on the highlighted parts: Allouez Bellevue Ledgeview Ashwaubenon De Pere   Hobart Homes for Sale       […]


The Village of Howard in Green Bay, WI 54313

Village of Howard near Green Bay, WI

I’ve covered some areas in Green Bay, and now it’s on to Howard! Read on to see what’s so great about this part of Brown County. The Town of Howard was established in 1835. The slow progress began with the headquarters of Duck Creek. In fact, because of Duck Creek and it’s winding way through Howard, the Town of Howard was commonly called Duck Creek. […]


Town of Ledgeview, WI 54115 54311

Homes for Sale in Ledgeview, WI

The Town of Ledgeview may have only 17.5 square miles of township, but it is a popular place. Ledgeview is full of schools, parks, stores, and beautiful homes. It’s just far enough away from the big City of Green Bay and De Pere, but still close enough to use their amenities. Ledgeview Homes for Sale […]


Waterfront Properties

Waterfront Properties in and around Green Bay, WI Brown County

Waterfront properties, waterfront homes, and waterfront land! They are a hot commodity in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area. Whether they are lakes, rivers, the bay, or even a retention pond – buyers will pay a premium for the ones that float their boat[…]


Town of Wrightstown, WI 54180

Homes for Sale in Wrightstown, WI

Taking a peek at a different part of Green Bay, WI — the village of Wrightstown! What’s Wrightstown , Wisconsin all about? Read on, my friends. If you’re curious as to other areas in Green Bay, WI, click on the highlighted parts: Hobart Allouez Bellevue Ledgeview Ashwaubenon De Pere Wrightstown Homes for Sale Wrightstown, WI […]


Packer Houses Near Lambeau Field

Homes for Sale Near Lambeau Field Green Bay Packer Stadium, WI

In the past couple of years, I’ve had more home buyers looking for Packer houses. What I mean is that these buyers are looking for homes for sale in the immediate area around Lambeau Field and the Green Bay Packer’s Titletown District. Mainly, they’re looking for a house within 1 mile of the field…


How to Find a Good Neighborhood

A question I get asked a lot is, “What’s a good neighborhood? Is De Pere a good neighborhood? How about Bellevue, is that a good neighborhood?” That’s a loaded question. It’s also a question that I truly can’t answer for you. How do I know what you consider “good?” Are you looking for a family… Read More

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