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Many people wonder, “Why hire a real estate agent?” That’s a fair question. Most individuals assume that all real estate agents do is put a sign in the yard and wait for the buyers to come. A lot more work goes into selling a home than that. A real estate agent, a truly good one, will be with you from BEFORE you even list to sell your home to the actual closing date. Many Realtors have their own ways to list your home, market your home, and negotiate on your behalf. Here is what Elysia Diaz will do to sell your home or real estate in the Green Bay and De Pere area.

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5 Star Realtor Reviews in Green Bay, WI
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Process with Elysia Diaz, Green Bay Real Estate Seller’s Agent

  1. Meet with Elysia Diaz, Your Green Bay Realtor
    Any potential sellers will first meet with Realtor Elysia and discuss  needs and wants. Next we will tour the home that the sellers want to put on the market. One of three things will happen: 1. you will choose to list your home with Elysia, 2. you will choose not to list your home with Elysia, or 3. Elysia will opt not to list your home at the present time. Win-win situations are best for everyone, and a successful outcome will happen when all parties have open communication and all expectations are talked about up front.
  2. Listing the Home or Real Estate Property
    Once you decide to list your home with Elysia, and all contracts are signed, all your home’s information will be uploaded onto the MLS (multiple listing service). Next the same information will be uploaded to, along with top real estate sites like,, Zillow, Trulia,, and RedFin.
  3. Green Bay Realtor and Seller's Real Estate AgentFinding Buyers
    The next step is setting up a For Sale sign on the property and adding a lock box to your front door. At this point Elysia will begin to proactively look for potential buyers through various sources such as: current buyers, other real estate agents, mortgage lenders, referrals, friends, and neighbors.
  4. Showings
    Showings for your home will also be scheduled through Elysia. Showings are a great way to get feedback about your home. Elysia will contact the buyer agent after a showing to gain more insight to what potential buyers and their real estate agents thought of the property.
  5. Offer to Purchase and Negotiations
    Once that Offer to Purchase contract comes in, Elysia will notify you and discuss your options in regards to moving forward. As a listing agent, Elysia works hard for the seller, just like in a buyer’s agent works hard for the buyer. A Realtor should help you objectively evaluate every buyer’s proposal without compromising your marketing position.
  6. Accepted Offer
    You might think you’re home free once you have a binding agreement and in a perfect world you would be, but in reality this isn’t the end of the story. Elysia will be in close contact with the buyer’s agent making sure all contingencies are met in a timely manner (financing, appraisals, inspections.)
  7. Closing
    This should be the best part of selling your home, when everything comes together and the transaction is completed.
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A lot of work goes into selling a home. Having an educated Realtor is a key factor in getting your property sold at the best price, quickly, and with minimum hassle.  Contact Elysia today about selling your home in the Green Bay area! or fill out a form to find out what your home is worth in today’s market.

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Green Bay & De Pere Realtor Credentials - Certified Residential Specialist

In addition to being a Broker and Realtor, Elysia is currently a member of CRS (Council of Residential Specialists) and is one of less than 3% of real estate agents that has earned the CRS (Certified Residential Specialist) designation, which is the highest credential awarded to residential sales agents, managers and brokers. She has also been SFR Certified (Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource). She has the education and in-depth knowledge on short sales and foreclosures for both the buyer and the seller. Continued education is important in a business that constantly changes.

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