Top Home Renovations that Rank High on ROI (Return on Investment)

What home renovations add the most value to your home? Is it remodeling the kitchen? Adding another bathroom? Well, according to the National Realtors Association (NAR) the best bang for your buck is, drum roll please… Refinishing your hardwood floors! Word is, you’ll get 100% of your money back.

Think you have hardwoods underneath that carpet of yours? It would be best to find out and then polish ’em up for a faster sale and a higher return. 

ORefinishing Hardwood Floors and Return on Investment in Green Bay, WIther high returns on investments are:

Insulation upgrades (95%)
Adding  hardwood flooring  (91%)
Finishing off your basement  (69%)
New roof (100%)
New garage doors (87%)
New vinyl siding (83%)
New windows (80%)

Pretty interesting information to me. As a Realtor, I agree with some of these and others I do not. For basement finish offs, I see a higher return on your investment in the Green Bay area. And for garage doors, I’m surprised. Since becoming a real estate agent, I have had only one seller concerned that his garage door wasn’t “show worthy” as it had a dent in it. And throughout each and every showing, not one buyer even noticed. 

But, there you have it. According to Realtors across the United States, these are the best renovations to do for your home.