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What’s for Supper? Supper Clubs in Green Bay, WI

When I first moved to the mid-west, I was clueless as to what a supper club was. I was told, “It’s a Wisconsin thing.” Well, that certainly explained a lot to me. 

But soon I learned not only are they a Wisconsin thing, but supper clubs are also something that needs to be experienced in person, not just told about.  How do you explain an old fashioned Wisconsin date night of sorts that you play dress up, have drinks and dinner at a fancy establishment but with an affordable price?  Lucky for you, there are more than a few in the Green Bay area that you must put on your list of Wisconsin Things to Do. Supper club’s were all the rage back in the day, so go there and see for yourself what all the fuss is about!

Check out the websites for these popular supper clubs in the Green Bay area:

Wally’s Spot


Club Chalet

Kropp’s Supper Club

Union Hotel

Van Abel’s Supper Club

I’m sure I missed a few supper clubs, sorry if I missed one of your favorites!


What Buyer’s Want in April 2017

I’ve decided that every few months I’m going to write a short blog post on what buyer’s want. This will be the top deciding factors (or the most outlandish ones, because, hey, that’s more fun to talk about) home buyers are using when picking their new home. 

Without further ado, what do buyer’s want 4/17 edition:

  1. Open concept kitchen/living room/dining room – I will guarantee you, this will be a hot “want” for quite sometime. This also seems to run across the board regardless of age. I see more and more older homes tearing down walls, while new construction is already blueprinted up for an open concept. Non-load bearing walls are inexpensive to take down, and while load bearing walls are more cumbersome, it’s still easy to do with the proper support beams. 
  2. A/C – I grew up in Florida, so I think ya’ll are crazy with some homes not even having this as a staple feature. And apparently, home buyers in Green Bay,  Wisconsin think so too. To be completely up front with you, most buyers will say that they don’t particularly care if a home has A/C for them personally, but — BUT, for re-sale value the A/C is a must. 
  3. Room for a garden –  Ahhhh, outdoor space! Well, not exactly just outdoor space, but garden space to be more exact. I’m not sure if I’ve just recently come across recent home buyers that want to grow their own veggies/fruit or this is a new trend that’s going to stick for a while – but gardens are hot. 

Millennials, Tell Me What You Want, What You Really Really Want

What Green Bay and De Pere Home Buyers Want

Patio Space is popular!

Trulia released their 2017 housing report and, 83% of millennials say they plan on buying a home and 72% are looking to purchase in 2018. Yowza. That’s a large percentage. So what are these hot buyers looking for?

Well, according to Better Homes & Gardens’ annual survey of trends in the United States, they found out that:

  • 64% say the ideal sized home is about 2,100 square feet — that’s a lot of space. Partially finished off basements, anyone?
  • 64% want renovated/update kitchens.
  • 60% want renovated bathrooms.
  • 59% want deck or patio space — I’ve personally seen “garden space” become a more important want.

That sounds like a pretty sweet house, if you ask me. But keep in mind, this is a survey across the US, not just in the beautiful state of WI. Thinking about moving this year or next? It would appear there’s definitely a buyer out there for you! Give me a call and I’d be happy to talk Green Bay and De Pere real estate.

Elysian Realty is a local Real Estate Brokerage with Expert Realtors, both Listing Agents and Buyer Agents located in Green Bay, WI : De Pere, WI : Wrightstown, WI : Pulaski, WI : Oconto Falls, WI : Seymour, WI : Denmark, WI: Appleton, WI : Hortonville, WI : Little Chute, WI : Neenah, WI : Oshkosh, WI : Kewaunee, WI : Algoma, WI and more!

Lower Homes Sales in February 2017

February homes sales had a little dip this year for Wisconsin. One would think that home sales would be on the lower side in the winter months, but this is something more.

According to Erik Sjowall, WRA board chairman, “With 30-year fixed-rate mortgages in the low 4 percent range for the first two months of the year, you would think that this would have been a strong February for sales, but sales fell short of their February levels of 2016 in most regions in the state.”

All regions except for Northeastern Wisconsin, which Brown County happens to be in. So, that’s nice – but still housing inventory is tight. The buyers I’m working with are frustrated that they are getting rejected from offers ABOVE ASKING price, and I’m not talking about $500 above either… it’s tough. 

“The strong demand and limited supply have been putting significant price pressure on the existing home market,” said WRA president and CEO Michael Theo.

The housing market just two years ago was a buyer’s market, that’s definitely not the case today. Low inventory of homes with lots of buyers circling around makes it a strong seller’s market right now. Thinking now may be a good time to sell? IT IS.

Wisconsin’s Ranking on Real Estate Tax

Real estate taxes. We all pay them, in one way or another. So how does the lovely state of Wisconsin rank against the other states? Pretty high, actually. See how light WI is? 

Source: WalletHub

 Out of 51 spots (including the District of Columbia) Wisconsin ranks #47. The states that are higher than us are Connecticut, New Hampshire, Illinois, and New Jersey. Ouch! 

The cheapest real estate tax rate states are Hawaii, Alabama, Louisiana, and Delaware. 

I’ve had buyers in the past pass on a home because the property taxes were too high. They have honestly said, Green Bay taxes are too high, but I can do Allouez taxes. Or Bellevue taxes. 

What do you think about paying your Wisconsin real estate tax? Is it justified? How about Wisconsin’s ranking against the other states? Does this make you want to move to Hawaii even more? With cold weather like today, I bet Hawaii doesn’t even need more incentive 🙂 

New 1% Down Payment Loans in Brown County, WI

A lender that I’ve had the pleasure to work with contacted me today with some interesting news.

He said that a couple of our lenders are offering a new 1% down conventional program.    Most of Brown County / Outagamie County  can qualify. Certain lenders have set aside a reserve fund that they are willing to use, to match a borrowers 3% down payment.  So with this limited amount of money they are setting aside; they are able to give 2% of the down payment and our clients are responsible for the remaining 1%. This is a particularly good program for first time home buyers, conventional home buyers and people with decent credit; but are unable to get money gifted or saved in time for closing.

Sounds like a good deal to me! And if you think this might be a good deal for you, call me! All it takes is for you to reach out, it’s that easy. I may know a good lender to refer you to 😉

New Construction Homes Are the Hot New Thing

The Commerce Department posted that newly built single-family homes increased 3.7% for the month of January 2017. Which is kinda a big deal. 

Robert Dietz, chief economist of the National Association of Home Builders says, “As the supply of existing homes remains tight, more consumers will turn to new construction.” 

Pretty interesting, huh? Keep in mind, this is across the United States, not just in Green Bay, WI. But in the Midwest (our area) home sales for newly constructed single family homes rose 14.8% month over month. The largest increase was in the Northeast, where sales rose 15.8%, while the South had a 4.3% rise.  The only region not to have a positive gain was the West, they fell 4.4% month over month. 

So new construction single family homes is hot, but will it last? The only hindrance that the National Association of Home Builders sees for the continued increase in new construction sales aren’t able and willing buyers, but shortages on lots and labor. 

Would You Remodel Your Home For Your Pet?

Home Remodeling in Green Bay, WI Fenced in Back YardThat’s the burning question. Would you remodel your home for your beloved pet? My first thought was a quick, “NO WAY. Why would I do that? What do you even mean, remodel your home?” Once I gave it a moment to sink in and actually think about it, my answer does change. And it looks like I’m not the only one. 

According to statistics:

61% of US households have a pet or plan on getting one in the future
99% of pet owners consider their pet part of the family
52% of pet owners undertook a home project to better accommodate their pets

What are these top projects? They are:

23% — building a fence (yup. i’m part of that percentage.)
12% — adding a doggie door (have several friends part of that percentage)
10% — installing laminate flooring

This doesn’t count as remodel projects, but as a buyer’s agent, I’ve had buyers in the past have these specific requests for their pets:

A sun room for a bangle cats playground.
Bay windows for a small dog to be able  to lay and look out.
Mud Room to keep the dogs stuff out of the main part of the home.
Large yard for dogs to play
Heated garage for a potential dog’s kennel. 

So… what would you do for your pet’s comfort? 


Astor Park Neighborhood in Green Bay, WI 54301

Astor Park Neighborhood in Green Bay, WI 54301Ahhhh Astor Park. Home of many historic homes. Some grand and some small. Astor Park is located super close to downtown Green Bay, and in the 54301 zip code. 

A Little Astor Park History

Astor Park was added to the National Register of Historic Places in February of 1980The Astor Historic District is made up of what was once the Town of Astor, founded in 1835 by John Jacob Astor.  A few years later, in 1838, the Town of Astor and the Town of Navarino merged and formed the City of Green Bay.

Astor Park – Parks and Recreation

So does this Astor Park neighborhood actually have any parks? Why, yes, it does! There’s two popular ones. There is Astor Park (yes, the park Astor Park) which is east of Webster, and there is St. James Park which is West of Webster. Both have outdoor amenities such as basketball, and playground equipment. Astor Park has a wade pool, tennis courts and in the winter time an ice skating rink. In the summertime, James Park, frequently has music concerts and movie nights, free for anyone to enjoy. Astor Park might sound a bit more familiar thanks to the widely popular Bellin 10K Run.  

Hazelwood Historic House Museum

This is a must see for any one! I could talk about it, or you can just visit their website and learn about this treasure.

 Homes in Astor Park

This is what Astor Park is truly known for: the architectural beauty of the homes. Let’s see, there the Queen Anne design, the Tudor Revival, the Mediterranean, Colonial Revival, Georgian Revival, Craftsman, Vernacular, and the Dutch Colonial. I could be missing some… And of course, there’s also Bungalow style, Ranch and Two Story’s. 

Buying Home and Real Estate Stats for Astor Park

The past year 36 homes were sold and new people moved in. 
The average number of days on the market was 60.
The average percent of homes listed that sold was 98%.

Astor Park Location

De Pere is bordered by Allouez on the northeast, Ashwaubenon and Hobart on the northwest, the Town of Lawrence on the southwest, the Town of Rockland on the south, and Ledgeview on the east.

What Homes are Available in Astor Park?

New houses come on the market in Astor Park regularly so if can’t find that perfect house today, let Elysia know what you’re looking for and she can monitor the market and alert you when something meeting your criteria is listed. Click Here for a current list of homes for sale in Astor Park. 


January 2017 Homes Sales UP

2017 is off to a great start! January put out strong home sales in the state of Wisconsin. 2017 home sales were up 1.6% from January 2016. BUT. This growth rate is lower than the 5.9% sales growth throughout the whole 2016 year. As home prices in January continued to rise, so did the median sale price. It actually increased to $158,000. Pretty good, right?! The common consensus is that this will last throughout 2017. Maybe not as high of a growth in home sale prices, but very similar in home sales. 

Mortgage rates are rising, but are still pretty low. Unemployment is still low for Wisconsin, about 4%. And finally, the number is homes for sale is still low. What do all three of these things mean? It means, IT’S A SELLERS MARKET

Thinking about selling your home? Know a neighbor who is thinking about selling their home? Call me. I’d be more than happy to tell you what your home would sell for in today’s market. Maybe I already have a buyer waiting too?