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Go Green Go in Brown County, WI

Selling Your Home in Green Bay, WI

Going more and more green has become quite the rage. And by green, I do not mean more Green and Gold – for all you Packer fans out there! I mean more conscientious of your carbon footprint. Or your house’s carbon footprint. Here is a list of how to make your home more eco-friendly for […]

Spruce up your home for Spring!

Are you like everyone else and is anxious for springtime weather to hit Green Bay, WI?? Don’t even pretend – of course you are! While you’re patiently waiting for the weather to catch up with your spring vibes, here are a few decorative ways to liven up your house.  Plants – this one is kinda […]

Are Fireplaces Losing Their Spark?

According to the National Association of Home Builders only 41% of newly constructed homes have fireplaces. Why, you ask? MONEY! New construction homes are increasing rapidly in price due to a rapidly increase in constructions costs, costs of land, lack of qualified  contractors…name a reason. So in one aspect for homes builders to keep their […]

Green Bay Winter is Coming

Just like how humans prepare for the wintertime months on Green Bay, WI, you should prepare your home as well. After all it is one of the largest investments you’ll ever make so why not maintain it properly? Follow these easy yearly home maintenance steps to keep your house in tip top shape! Trim up […]