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Easy Ways for Home Sellers to Help Home Buyers F-A-L-L in Love

Fall season is upon us! Home buyers are still out there looking for the perfect new place to call home. Here are more than a few simple, SIMPLE items to take care of to help showcase your home in the best of light:

  1. Rake up your leaves
  2. Clean out your gutters
  3. Clean your front doorway, take down those spider webs (leave the decorated Halloween ones!) and sweep up the walk way.
  4. Wash windows
  5. Prune your dead summer flowers/plants/shrubs. Don’t just leave them there decomposing. (I get it that sometimes it’s best to trim in spring, yet keep in mind you’re selling your home! And you want it to look nice and maintained!)

See?! Those 5 ideas are easy, not extremely time consuming and FREE! Or you can always hire a highschool kid to help out too ūüôā

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Top Home Selling Mistakes That Cost You Money!

Here’s a list of the top home selling mistakes that will turn off home buyers. And turning off home buyers cost you money!¬†

  1. Strong odors! Nothing turns  a buyer off of your Home Sweet Home faster than upon immediately 
  2. walking in and smelling something a bit… off.
  3. Loose pets. I love cats, I love dogs, I love all furry creatures. But just because I love them doesn’t mean a potential buyer will. Take your beast for a walk/drive and crate your precious kitty.¬†
  4. Locked closets/bedrooms/basement cellar. When you lock up a part of your home a buyer immediately wonder’s what you’re hiding.¬†
  5. Incomplete home projects. Finish what you started! 
  6. Carpet in bathrooms and/or dining rooms. Carpet in either of those rooms create¬†an “ick” factor for the buyer.
  7. ¬†Easily seen ant traps and mouse traps. Get rid of the rodents and pests before you try to sell your home! It’s always wise to disclose issues or past issues and it’s best when you can say it’s FIXED!
  8. Dirty dishes in the sink or bags of garbage laying around. Now I know you smart and savvy home sellers wouldn’t dream of leaving that around!

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Home Sellers: Want to Know What Attracts Home Buyers??

Home sellers, want to know what attracts home buyers?? Well, according to the 2019 Remodeling Impact Report here is the top items that will put hearts in a potential home buyer’s eyes:

11. Closet Renovation – That’s right! Shelves and organizers are key!
10. Attic Conversion to Living Space
9. Basement Conversion to Living Space – rec rooms, extra bedrooms and bathroom – oh my!
8. Add an additional Bathroom – even if it’s a half bath!! Extra toilets are like GOLD!
7. New Master Suite Рthis is always a hot item. 
6. Hardwood Floor Refinishing
5. Bathroom Renovation
4. New Wood Flooring
3. HVAC Replacement
2. Kitchen upgrade

And the top hot item for home buyers??

1. Complete Kitchen Renovation

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Smart Safety Practices for Home Sellers in Covid-19 Times

It is still a fantastic time to sell, even with everything that’s going on. The demand from home buyers is strong and there’s just no current homes for sale to meet this demand. But how do you play it safe AND sell your house??

  1. Have your Realtor ask potential buyers and buyer agents to remove shoes when entering your home.
  2. Provide hand sanitzer (or have your Realtor do this).
  3. After each showing – wipe down your counters and door knobs.
  4. Before a showing turn on all lights and open closet doors. Openn a few kitchen cabinet doors as well. This will eliminate extra touching of surfaces by the buyer’s agent and potential home buyers.¬†
  5. Talk to your Realtor about the possibility of a virtual showing as well as in-person showings. Homes do get sold that way – I’ve sold more than a few by video tours!

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Top Safety Tips for Home Buyers in Covid-19 Times

Each state has slightly different rules/regulations – but in Wisconsin, here are some safety tips to use when you’re touring a potential new home.
1. Wear gloves, face masks. If you don’t have any keep hands in your pockets and/or wrap a¬† bandana around your face.
2. Take off your shoes when entering a home or wear booties.
3. Avoid touching items unless necessary, as in, do not sit on the furniture or touch personal belongings.
4. Limit the # of people you bring with you to a home showing.
5. If you feel sick DO NOT GO TOUR A HOME.

6. And if you don’t feel comfortable visiting a seller’s home in person- ask for a virtual visual tour! Your Buyer’s Agent can go there and video it for you via Facetime, Duo… whatever video works best.

Use your best judgement when touring other people’s homes. Use hand sanitizer and wash your hands when you get home. Buying a new home is exciting and fun – but keep it safe!

Home buying safety tips in Green Bay, WI

Will the housing market crash because of the Coronavirus?

I’ve been getting calls/emails/texts/messages from plenty of home buyers and home sellers all asking pretty much the same question – Will the housing market crash because of the coronavirus??¬†

From everything that I’ve read and heard and truly believe myself, the answer is no. Pre-coronavirus, the housing market was in desperate need of more home sellers and more new construction homes for sale. THAT IS STILL AN ISSUE! There’s such a lack in housing inventory and I believe this virus and all the shut downs and distancing yourself socially will only lead to even less houses for sale. Low supply and large demand.¬†

From some of the shut downs, there will be some home buyers that will not qualify for loans anymore, whether it’s due to layoffs, pay cuts, less hours working.. whatever the case is, but you will still have such low supply. Only now with possibly less demand.¬†

I don’t see how this will effect housing prices. However, I do see how this may effect home sale volume. Of course, all this will play out in greater detail within the next couple of weeks (hopefully not months but…).¬†

Stay safe home buyers and home sellers!

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Go Green Go in Brown County, WI

Going more and more green has become quite the rage. And by green, I do not mean more Green and Gold – for all you Packer fans out there! I mean more conscientious of your carbon footprint. Or your house’s carbon footprint. Here is a list of how to make your home more eco-friendly for not a lot of money. Actually some of these items may actually save you some money too!

  1. Turn off your lights. Do you really need to keep all the lights on at night? When not in a room, flip the switch. 
  2. Turn down your heat at night. Sleeping in 65 degrees is the perfect “sleeping” weather. Or so say some experts on sleeping.¬†
  3. Insulate your attic. You can hire a pro to do this, or go to Menards or Home Depot purchase some insulation and tackle this project on your own. 
  4. Change your furnace filters! I can’t stress this on enough. If your furnace is all clogged and working double time that doesn’t do you any good, it doesn’t do your furnace any good, and it doesn’t do your heating bills any good.
  5. Hang your clothes outside to dry. Obviously, this is only possible in the warmer seasons, but it’s something to think about.¬†
  6. Recycle the right way. Not paper/cardboard is recyclable. Just like not every plastic container is recyclable. Tossing the acceptable items in with the non-acceptable items can cause more damage than you think. Do your own research. Every Village within Brown County has their own rules, go to your Village’s website and read up.¬†

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Spruce up your home for Spring!

Are you like everyone else and is anxious for springtime weather to hit Green Bay, WI?? Don’t even pretend – of course you are! While you’re patiently waiting for the weather to catch up with your spring vibes, here are a few decorative ways to liven up your house.¬†

  1. Plants Рthis one is kinda a no brainer, but add some greenery to your home. Also, if you like to garden, start growing your veggies from seeds indoors and get a jump on for the warmer weather. 
  2. Put away your holiday lights – yes, I really did say that. Christmas lights (or whatever holiday lights) you have up, take them DOWN.
  3. Paint – Say whaaat? It’s time to get colorful! Maybe paint an accent wall in your living room or bedroom. Liven up your bathroom with a splash of color.¬†
  4. Colors Рif even thinking about painting makes your head hurt, how about just adding colors? Like throw pillows for your couch, or a new rug. Or how about that throw blanket to wrap yourself in on those still chilly days? 
  5. Photos Рadd some new photos of you, your pet, or friends and family to your walls. Spruce up with some snapshots of fun days. 


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Top 5 2019 Home Renovations that PAID Off for Home Sellers

2019 was a great year for home sellers in Green Bay, WI and De Pere, WI. But what were the top home renovations that paid off?? According to the National Associations of REALTORS’ 2019 Remodeling Impact Report these are the hot 5.

5. Hvac replacement
Replacing your old furnace and/or AC brought in about 85% of the cost. That’s a pretty darn good return rate!

4. New Garage Door
A new garage door isn’t something the typical home owners, let alone home seller, really thinks about HOWEVER replacing one of these bad boys will bring in about 95% of the recuperating costs!

3. Got Wood? Refinishing Hardwood Floors
According to the report simply refinishing your hardwood floors will give you an exact 100% value recovered. 
4. No Wood? Install NEW Hardwood Floors
Hemming and hawing over if you should replace that used and matted carpet? Installing NEW hardwood floors will on average get you 106% return rate. Nice!!

I saved the best for last. So, what’s the #1 home renovation that pays off for home sellers??¬†

This one doesn’t really need an explanation. Have an old or even older roof? Well, this renovation will recoup 107% of the value.¬†

Are Fireplaces Losing Their Spark?

According to the National Association of Home Builders only 41% of newly constructed homes have fireplaces. Why, you ask? MONEY! New construction homes are increasing rapidly in price due to a rapidly increase in constructions costs, costs of land, lack of qualified¬† contractors…name a reason. So in one aspect for homes builders to keep their homes affordable is to nix the fireplace. In fact, 7% of homes constructed in 2018 (were considered “starter homes”) which are priced less than $150,000 had fireplaces in them. Yet if you look at the luxury side of new construction homes, which are homes priced at $500,000 and above, it was 60% of new homes built had fireplaces in them.¬†

In your opinion what would you rather have? A fireplace or a lower priced home?