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Wisconsin Housing Market Fast Facts January 2023

The new housing stats for the beginning of the 2023 year are in! Last year Green Bay, WI ended with low housing inventory and higher home sale prices. So far this year, it’s more of the same. And it’s been projected to continue along the same lines for the 2023 year. So what are the … Read more

Top Tips to Help Your Mortgage Rate

Upward Homes Sales WI 2017
Upward Homes Sales WI 2017

According to Freddie Mac the average 30 year fixed mortgage rate is up more than 2% since the beginning of 2022. So what can a home buyer do to help get a better rate? Try some of these tips to help: With what’s listed above, you should talk to with your Buyer’s Agent and with … Read more

Home Buyer FEARS

Green Bay, WI Home full of Mold
Green Bay, WI Home full of Mold has a list of what scares home buyers the most (they conducted a survey). Think you can guess correctly before you read this list? 57% of home buyers say MOLD56% of home buyers say foundation issues54% of home buyers say pests/asbestos/water damage48% of home buyers say living within 1 mile of a waste management … Read more

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