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Realtor.com has a list of what scares home buyers the most (they conducted a survey). Think you can guess correctly before you read this list?

57% of home buyers say MOLD
56% of home buyers say foundation issues
54% of home buyers say pests/asbestos/water damage
48% of home buyers say living within 1 mile of a waste management facility
47% of home buyers say living near the scene of a crime scares them
45% of home buyers say living near a meth lab
44% of home buyers say living within 1 mile of a prison

and the BEST one (in my opinion) is…

5% of home buyers are scared of owning AND living in a haunted house!

There you have it – the list of what scares current home buyers today. Being a Green Bay Realtor, I can tell you that concerns over ghosts do come up from time to time. And while I can help with that, I can also help with the top concerns of mold and/or foundation issues. The Realtors at my firm know some pretty great basement specialists along with water damage or mold remedy, so my wannabe Green Bay home buyers (and even my Green Bay home owners), worry not! One of the perks of being a Green Bay Realtor for almost a decade is that you meet all types of wonderful people: basement specialists, electricians, plumbers, roofers, general contractors…even ghost busters 😉

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Home Buyers: FHA and VA Increase Loan Limits for 2019

As of January 1st, 2019, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) have rolled out new limits on the loans they back.

Previously, the FHA’s loan limit was just under $295k, at $294,515. This will increase to just under $315k, right at $324,827 – that’s almost a 7% hike increase! This will be the new “low” as for other counties across the US that are in a higher price tag area (think counties in California or New York, NOT Brown County, WI), the loan limit can reach $726,525.

The new VA loan limit will be $484,350 and it was previously $453,100. This loan limit will be applied to all counties in the US but for 199 higher-cost counties. Again, NOT Brown County, WI.

This is good news for home buyers and for home sellers with a higher priced home in question.

For more details on these types of loans, contact your mortgage lender or banker. If you need any referrals, contact me! I’d be happy to give you a few great lenders to choose from!