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What is a Final Walkthrough?

Closing Costs Fees in Green Bay, WI

So you’ve cruised by most of the home buying process and you’re about to close. And then your buyer’s agent asks, “When should we schedule the final walkthrough?” What is a final walkthrough?? Well, it’s just how it sounds. It is the last time you, as the buyer, will walk through the home you are […]

Baby Boomer’s Housing Wants

Baby Boomers Home Buying in Green Bay, WI

In a recent survey taken by national homebuilder PulteGroup almost 40% of Baby Boomers (that’s people aged 55 years or older) are planning on purchasing a new home in the next 3 years. A simple google search will tell you that Baby Boomers make up about 20% of the US population – that’s a lot […]

Try the Tri-Level Home Design!

While there are many different styles of homes, the tri-level is a unique one. Tri-level homes are also referred to as split-level, or are sometimes mistaken for bi-level or even quads.  The basic concept of a tri-level home are the staggering of short stair cases, typically two. The main floor, where you walk in, consists […]

Home Inspection FAQs

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Ahhhh, the home inspection. You’ve found your dream home, got an accepted offer, turned in earnest money, and began your loan process… you’re ready for the home inspection. Here are some top FAQs I get about this part of the home buying process.  Does the home inspector HAVE to be licensed in Wisconsin? YES YES […]

Stop! Counter Top Time!

Granite Counter tops Green Bay, WI

There are so many different types of counter tops to choose from, and they all vary in price, color, style… everything! Here’s a good list of what’s out there and what’s in style.    Granite Counter Tops – Still pretty much the top choice among homeowners. Because it’s a natural stone it does come in […]