New 1% Down Payment Loans in Brown County, WI

A lender that I’ve had the pleasure to work with contacted me today with some interesting news.

He said that a couple of our lenders are offering a new 1% down conventional program.    Most of Brown County / Outagamie County  can qualify. Certain lenders have set aside a reserve fund that they are willing to use, to match a borrowers 3% down payment.  So with this limited amount of money they are setting aside; they are able to give 2% of the down payment and our clients are responsible for the remaining 1%. This is a particularly good program for first time home buyers, conventional home buyers and people with decent credit; but are unable to get money gifted or saved in time for closing.

Sounds like a good deal to me! And if you think this might be a good deal for you, call me! All it takes is for you to reach out, it’s that easy. I may know a good lender to refer you to 😉

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