Wisconsin’s Ranking on Real Estate Tax

Real estate taxes. We all pay them, in one way or another. So how does the lovely state of Wisconsin rank against the other states? Pretty high, actually. See how light WI is? 

Source: WalletHub

 Out of 51 spots (including the District of Columbia) Wisconsin ranks #47. The states that are higher than us are Connecticut, New Hampshire, Illinois, and New Jersey. Ouch! 

The cheapest real estate tax rate states are Hawaii, Alabama, Louisiana, and Delaware. 

I’ve had buyers in the past pass on a home because the property taxes were too high. They have honestly said, Green Bay taxes are too high, but I can do Allouez taxes. Or Bellevue taxes. 

What do you think about paying your Wisconsin real estate tax? Is it justified? How about Wisconsin’s ranking against the other states? Does this make you want to move to Hawaii even more? With cold weather like today, I bet Hawaii doesn’t even need more incentive 🙂 

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