What Buyer’s Want in April 2017

I’ve decided that every few months I’m going to write a short blog post on what buyer’s want. This will be the top deciding factors (or the most outlandish ones, because, hey, that’s more fun to talk about) home buyers are using when picking their new home. 

Without further ado, what do buyer’s want 4/17 edition:

  1. Open concept kitchen/living room/dining room – I will guarantee you, this will be a hot “want” for quite sometime. This also seems to run across the board regardless of age. I see more and more older homes tearing down walls, while new construction is already blueprinted up for an open concept. Non-load bearing walls are inexpensive to take down, and while load bearing walls are more cumbersome, it’s still easy to do with the proper support beams. 
  2. A/C – I grew up in Florida, so I think ya’ll are crazy with some homes not even having this as a staple feature. And apparently, home buyers in Green Bay,  Wisconsin think so too. To be completely up front with you, most buyers will say that they don’t particularly care if a home has A/C for them personally, but — BUT, for re-sale value the A/C is a must. 
  3. Room for a garden –  Ahhhh, outdoor space! Well, not exactly just outdoor space, but garden space to be more exact. I’m not sure if I’ve just recently come across recent home buyers that want to grow their own veggies/fruit or this is a new trend that’s going to stick for a while – but gardens are hot. 

Happy Homeowners and Real Estate Investors

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