Would You Remodel Your Home For Your Pet?

Home Remodeling in Green Bay, WI Fenced in Back YardThat’s the burning question. Would you remodel your home for your beloved pet? My first thought was a quick, “NO WAY. Why would I do that? What do you even mean, remodel your home?” Once I gave it a moment to sink in and actually think about it, my answer does change. And it looks like I’m not the only one. 

According to statistics:

61% of US households have a pet or plan on getting one in the future
99% of pet owners consider their pet part of the family
52% of pet owners undertook a home project to better accommodate their pets

What are these top projects? They are:

23% — building a fence (yup. i’m part of that percentage.)
12% — adding a doggie door (have several friends part of that percentage)
10% — installing laminate flooring

This doesn’t count as remodel projects, but as a buyer’s agent, I’ve had buyers in the past have these specific requests for their pets:

A sun room for a bangle cats playground.
Bay windows for a small dog to be able  to lay and look out.
Mud Room to keep the dogs stuff out of the main part of the home.
Large yard for dogs to play
Heated garage for a potential dog’s kennel. 

So… what would you do for your pet’s comfort? 


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