New Home Trends to AVOID

Do you remember when brown and aqua color, “chocqua,” was all the rage? And do you New Home Trends to Avoid in Green Bay, WIsee how today it’s not? Good. These new trends are somewhat along the same lines.  Avoid these, or realize that they’re just the new craze.

Wallpaper – You think I’m kidding? I’m not. Wallpaper is making a comeback. Actually… it’s already here. And I’m not simply talking about plain neutral color wallpaper. I’m referring to the loud obnoxious design/patterns kind. And, trust me, when this craze goes out, wallpaper is a beast to remove! Acquired taste, for sure. 

Pedestal Sinks – I love the look of pedestal sinks. Really I do. I even like the newer ones with the sink mount and the base is industrial pipes or something along those lines. What I don’t love, and what people don’t realize is that where are you supposed to put your bathroom stuff? I’m not just talking about extra towels or bottles of shampoo either. I mean, your toothbrushes? Hand soap? You have a small, and I mean TINY ledge for whatever but for a main bathroom? It’s not functional. However, if we’re talking about a half bath – then yes, I’m all for it. But for main bath, it will be more of a pain than not. 

Marble Countertops and Flooring – Love the look of marble? So do I! That’s why when we remodeled our bathroom, we marbled the heck out of it. And it looked gorgeous. For one full day. I spilled something on the floor (and I did not realize for a few hours) and it ate away the glossy enamel part. I could have cried. Well, technically, I did – through a stream of expletives and foot stomps. Hey, I can tantrum like the best of ’em.  I had no idea marble was so sensitive and I’m one of those people you shouldn’t give nice things too, I’ll damage it somehow. While we put a rug over it and you can’t tell that the marble is blemished, it wouldn’t be so easy to sweep under the rug (ha!) if it was your kitchen counter. Do your research on marble! And maybe consider granite or quartz as a equally gorgeous option? 

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