Good, Bad, & Ugly of Move-in Ready Homes in Green Bay, WI

The beauty of a move-in ready home is exactly how it sounds. It-is-MOVE-IN-ready. The ONLY item you need is the key! After you sign those closing papers, you can park your u-haul right outside your new place and unload. Sounds lovely..

Move in Ready Homes for Sale in Green Bay, WI

So what’s the downfall of a move-in ready home?? Mostly, it’s the price (figuratively and literally). If you want brand new, you’ll pay more money for it. If you want it remodeled, updated, and showcase worthy, you’ll pay more money for it. Oh, and about those updates? Who did them? Did the sellers do it themselves or did they hire a qualified contractor? Were permits pulled? Was the update completed recently? How “new” is the new kitchen, the new roof? was it last week? Last year? 10 years ago?

Catch my drift?

I’m not saying move-in ready is bad. Not at all. But I would take the little bit of extra time to see exactly what type of updates were made, and what year they were completed. Get all the info you can. Ask your buyer’s agent, they’re here for that! Call the City of Green Bay, or Village of Allouez, or where ever yourself. Point is, do your research. This is a big investment, treat it like one!

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