How Buyers are Finding Their Dream Home

The NAR (National Association of Realtors) did a survey in 2015 to better pin point where buyers are first finding their dream homes. Without reading any further I knew that the top 2 were going to be either a real estate agent or online (zillow, trulia, and I was correct! 

Here’s the break down:

Internet 44%
Real Estate Agent 33%
Yard Sign/Open House Sign 8%
Friend/Relative/Neighbor 6%
Home Builder 6%
Directly from Seller or Knew Seller 2%
Print Advertisement 1%

So how should home sellers take this into account? Hire a good Realtor and make sure they have a strong online presence. Ask the Realtor you want to use if they have their own website. How many hits per month do they get? Will your home be featured prominently on it or get lost in the shuffle? What else is included in their online marketing? How will your agent keep your home’s listing fresh for the online world? Seeing how buyers look online for homes, it’s the PHOTOS that are catching their eye! Will your agent use a professional camera or will it be from their iphone? How may photos will they take?

Thinking about selling your home? Give me a call at 773-218-0502, let’s set up a time to meet in person, and I’ll show you how my strong online presence will work for you! 

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