Selling your Home? Check out these 6 DIY tips.

There’s DIY tips for everything! And it doesn’t stop when you’re prepping your home in order to sell it. Here are 5 quick and easy suggestions:

1. Literally walk outside to your front yard and look at your house. Does it look appealing to you? Is your yard full of weeds? Does it need to be mowed? Is it winter time and your sidewalk is covered in ice? Pretend to be a buyer, would you want to walk in a tour your own home based on the outside? Basic curb appeal or winter removal is a must. 

2. Wash your windows. And, yes, I mean this not in the frozen tundra months Green Bay so kindly gives us. Dirty windows – inside and out, look like old windows. No one likes old windows. And while you’re at it do #3 too.

3. Powerwash the exterior of your home. Green Bay gives us some crazy weather, go take a look at your exterior to see the proof. 

4. Paint your walls a neutral color. If you already have neutral colors, then just touch up as needed. If you have kids with bright pink rooms or neon green, that does make buyers think about already docking the purchase price. Their thought process is that they will already have to put time and money into painting, meaning they should get a discount from you. Is this fair? No and yes. Trick your friends into coming over for pizza. Then when they arrive, tell them they must work for their pizza. Don’t worry, friends are supposed to forgive you.

5. Declutter your kitchen counter. Hide away the toaster, toaster oven, Keurig coffee maker, waffle maker, that extra pot that’s always laying on the stove, and your kettle pot. Too many appliances and kitchen extra out on the counter tops make your kitchen seem smaller and that there is not enough cabinet space. I know it’s just easier to leave all those things out. I do it too. But this is something small, easy, and free to instantly improve your kitchen space. 

6. DO NOT SHOVE EVERYTHING INTO YOUR BASEMENT OR GARAGE OR EXTRA BEDROOM. The last thing you want is for buyers to think that you have no storage space. The garage is meant to fit cars and extras. Not just extras and extras. Bedrooms are not meant to be a dumping ground for boxes, piles of clothes, or random stuff. If you have a lot of things, try to at least organize it so it doesn’t just look like crazy amounts of clutter/junk.

When it comes to selling your home, you want top dollar. These simple steps will help you get that. Along with a good Realtor, of course! Contact Realtor Elysia Diaz for more info on how to get the most money in the least amount of time when selling your home.

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