Home Staging for Buyers in Green Bay, WI

Staging your home for sale in Green Bay, WIFrom the moment you decide to sell your home, you have to think of your home in a different way. It’ time to minimize! Remove clutter. And then remove some more. Trinkets, knickknacks, and yes even some family photos. Remove as much as you can. Oh, and clean. Keep your mind on the cleanliness and the clutter-ness.

Let’s break it down room by room, shall we?

In any home selling market (including the Green Bay, WI market) kitchens are a big deal. Remove plug-in appliances from your counter tops. Toasters, toaster oven, coffee machine, what have you, remove them. Put them in the cabinets hidden away. You want your counter tops clutter free of, yes, even kitchen items. Wipe down the surface of your cabinets and hardware. No one likes a sticky handle!

Clean your bathroom. I can’t stress this enough. You live in your home and your bathroom gets used, but make it as clean as you can. Wipe down mirrors, counter tops, and fixtures. Remove hair products and skin lotions from counter tops and store them under the sink. Flush your toilets and leave the seat down. For showings, put your guest towels out to hang. Don’t have guest towels? No problem, use clean same colored towels for display then. 

Family Room / Living Room
Again, keep it clutter free. Put away kid toys, dog toys, and your toys. Fluff up your couch pillows and cushions. Vacuum and dust this room before showings.

Make the bed. Puts dirty clothes in the hamper in the closet. Hang up clean clothes. Straighten the room as best as you can. That’s it, make it as organized and clean as you possibly can.

Most Green Bay area homes have basements and most basements are used for storage or at least some part of the basement is used for storage – I get that. We ALL get that. However, if your basement is filled top to bottom with furniture, boxes, other stuff/junk, it will look like your house has zero storage/closets/cabinet space. It is really important for your potential home buyers to see your home as spacious and open as it can be. If you have too much stuff, possibly think about donating some or even renting out a small storage space while your home is listed.  

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