Same Sex Marriage and Buying a Home in Wisconsin

Now that same sex marriage is legal in all 50 states including Wisconsin, what does that mean for home buying? IT MEANS A LOT. 

Sherry Chris who is the CEO of Better Homes and Garden Real Estate says, “As with other momentous social landmarks, this progress will trigger key milestones along the path to home ownership.” 

Yeah, that’s great an all, but how? 

Same Sex Marriage and Home Buying - Gay Couples

Well, for starters married couples, now ALL married couples hold title on a home equally. Meaning rights of survivor ship. Which is HUGE. With this little thing called marriage, the property you own also belongs to your spouse. Not your relatives. Although joint tenancy has long been a fallback for same sex couples who wanted to buy a home together– now there’s no reason for that! All married couples purchasing a property will get equal rights to the home. 

This will also effect mortgage loans. In a good way– less paperwork, hooray! No more 2 separate applications for a home loan. It will be more streamlined. Not everyone can qualify for a home loan, but as a married couple you have an easier time, than counting on 2 separate individuals trying to get qualified. 

Love is love. And now home buying is home buying. 

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