Home Selling and Curb Appeal Tips in Green Bay, WI

Selling Your Home with Curb Appeal in Green Bay, WisconsinTop 5 Cheapest Instant Boosts in Curb Appeal

First impressions are everything, right? So why would you stage the interior of your home without giving your front and back yard a little love too? Here are 5 cheap and instant curb appeal boosts YOU should be doing:

  1. Front Walkway, Steps, and Door – If you’re like me, then you usually use your garage as your main entry and exit. BUT if you’re a buyer, Realtors walk you right up the front steps and give you the grand entrance treatment. Sweep, pull weeds, remove spider webs, and clean your front door!
  2. Windows – Clean them! Especially living in Wisconsin, we face all kinds of weather elements. Give your windows some shine.
  3. Hornets – Take a good look around your front and back yard. Look towards your roof line. See any nests of unwanted insects? If yes, TAKE THEM DOWN. A buyer can’t look at your home properly if they’re going into anaphylactic shock. 
  4. Plants/Flowers – Add some color and livelihood with a couple potted plants or flowers. Don’t have a green thumb? Who cares! You’ve hired a great Realtor, your home will be sold before you’re discovered as a plant killer!
  5. Lawn care/snow removal – This one is easy. If it snows, shovel your driveway and walkway. In the warmer months, keep your lawn mowed. A fresh cut always look nice!

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