How to Find a Good Neighborhood in the Green Bay Area

Real Estate and Good Neighborhoods in Green Bay, WIA question I get asked a lot is, “What’s a good neighborhood? Is De Pere a good neighborhood? How about Bellevue, is that a good neighborhood?”

That’s a loaded question. It’s also a question that I truly can’t answer for you. How do I know what you consider “good?” Are you looking for a family friendly part of town? Are you talking about a lot of parks? Are school districts the top of your priorities? Is it crime rate? Closeness to highways, grocery stores, a mall, where you work? Are you looking for a home where you can walk across the street to the local bar or the local bank? My version of a good neighborhood is going to be different than your version. As it should. We’re different people and want different things out of where we live.  

Only YOU can determine what a good neighborhood is.  You have to do your own research, and the BEST way to do that is to test out the neighborhood. Seriously. Drive there, park your car and go for a walk around. Or drive around the neighborhood. See where the local schools are, the closest grocery store is. Look at the other houses along the block. Can you envision yourself living there? Google the crime rate for that area if you want. Strike up a conversation with a neighbor – they know it ALL and are usually more than willing to spill. This may be your future home, it’s worth it to do a little extra research. 

Truthfully, there is no right or wrong way to see what neighborhood is right for you. No one knows your needs and wants better than yourself. Home buying is a process, a very rewarding one, but you need to do your due diligence too.  

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