How not to sell a home in Green Bay

Time for the lighter side of Green Bay real estate. How about how NOT to sell a home? It’s easier than you think… 

1. Paint as many apocalypse murals as possible on your walls. This keeps buyers feeling relaxed and at ease when looking around. True story. 


2. Leave your DIY projects unfinished for potential buyers. It’s not like buyers are going to be busy trying to move in, getting unpacked and settled. They’re going to need a nice project to keep them busy. 



3. Leave your under-roos dangling from your ceiling fans, and turn on the fans for showings. This adds style and class. Be proud to show off your choice of undergarments! 



4. Showcase your landscaping. Especially when it looks good. 



5. Put up as many stickers as you can around your home. If they’re of a political or religious nature– even better!



6. Exaggerate all descriptions about your property. I mean, a little TLC for a home or detached garage is understandable, right? It’s still totally move in ready!



7. Board up random doors in your home. Make buyers think they’re in their favorite book/movie, The Maze Runner. It’s the latest rage. 


8. Put all your collectibles on display with price tags. Putting your home on the market gives you the opportunity to have an indoor garage sale during every showing and open house!



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