2016 May Home Sales are UP in Green Bay!

Green Bay, WI Home Sales Are UpHomes sales in general are all up for the state of Wisconsin. Yay! Brown County and Green Bay fairs pretty well compared to other Northeastern counties. In May of 2015 the median home sale price was $143,500, and this year for May it was $156,650 – that’s a 9.2% increase from last year! And to put this in a better perspective, in May of 2011 the median home sale price was $136,000. Can you believe how far we come??

This is great news for Green Bay, De Pere, Howard and other Brown County areas keeping a strong home sale season through the rest of the year. Especially with mortgage rates as low as they are (under 4%), buyers are quickly snatching up quality homes as soon as they become available. This is making somewhat of a win-win for buyers and sellers. Sellers are getting great returns out of their homes, while buyers are getting a great value. Buyers may be paying a higher price for a property that if they bought only a year ago would have been priced lower, but with mortgage rates remaining low – buyers are saving a ton of money on interest. 

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