Green Bay Botanical Garden’s Garden of Lights

Green Bay Botanical Garden Garden of Lights

‘Tis the season of lights! No matter what you celebrate or don’t celebrate, anyone can appreciate the Botanical Garden’s Festival of Lights. And if you can’t appreciate a place “wasting” electricity/power, then appreciate supporting something local to where you live! 

So what is this light festival thing? Well… it’s pretty self explanatory. There are lights. Lots and lots of them. Like, a quarter of a million of them. You walk around and ohh and ahh. There’s music, food and drinks… did I mention lights? 

Anyone can go. It’s open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights from 5pm-9pm. But check their calendar to make sure!

Adults are $9, and kids (3-12) are $5, and kids 2 and under are free. If you feel like splurging a little, you can pay a few dollars more and get a horse-drawn carriage tour. Come on, live a little!

Click the highlighted to get to the Green Bay Botanical Garden website.

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