Green Bay Takes Parking Meters to the Next Level

I know I usually write about homes or other real estate things, but I just had to share this bit of info: Green Bay is upgrading their parking meters. Well… kinda. Green Bay is upgrading how you PAY for parking meters. At least on Washington Street and the City Hall parking lot. Depending on how this initial move goes, it may very well expand to other metered streets. I think it’s pretty smart. Other cities do this, more populated cities, but still, it’s time for Green Bay to jump on the bandwagon. 

Instead of putting coins into your parking meter, you can simply pull out your phone, click on an app, and pay for parking. Voila! 

Go to this website and sign up. Then download the app to your iphone, or your android. Both are free to do so. 

Sounds pretty cool to me. I’m always scrambling to find that loose change in my car. Now only if this will carry over to the downtown library next!

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