Green Bay Winter is Coming

Just like how humans prepare for the wintertime months on Green Bay, WI, you should prepare your home as well. After all it is one of the largest investments you’ll ever make so why not maintain it properly? Follow these easy yearly home maintenance steps to keep your house in tip top shape!

  1. Trim up your landscaping. Especially those dead tree branches you’ve notice all summer long yet did nothing about. (It’s okay, I’m at fault for that too!!)
  2. Clean out your gutter and downspouts. These bad boys only help when they are clean of large chunks of debris!
  3. Shed a tear and then take our your windows screens from the better weather months. Time to close up your storms windows. Or some homeowners seal up their windows on the inside with plastic. 
  4. Set up that fireplace/chimney cleaning. Make sure your fireplace is in good working order for the snow days. 

Happy Homeowners and Real Estate Investors

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