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CoreLogic, who is a property analyst provider has estimated that more than 1/3 of top cities in the US are now overvalued. The only one listed as overvalued in the state of Wisconsin is in Eau Claire, WI. So if you think home prices in Green Bay, WI are bad, don’t move to Eau Claire 😉 

Here are the top 10 metro areas that have increased/recovered the most, this is their percentage over peak value (this info is from with the home price recovery index):

Pittsburgh, PA by 31%
Buffalo, NY by 33% (I was surprised by this one)
San Antonio, TX by 37%
Nashville, TN by 41%
San Francisco by 45% (I thought this one would have been higher)
Fort Worth, TX by 47%
Houston, TX by 48%
Dallas, TX by 57%
Austin, TX by 61%
Denver, CO by 70%

Interesting to see 5 cities in Texas that have gained so much in value since the Great Recession. And, I’m curious to see if any of that changes after the destruction of Hurricane Harvey.

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