Hot Tips to Save on Your Home’s Energy Costs

Want to save some money? Sure you do! Do some or all of these hot tips to help save on your energy costs for your home.

  1. Use your fans! You read that correctly, TURN THEM ON. It will help to circulate the air and keep it at a steady degree temperature-wise. And if you have the reversible blade kind make sure they are turned the right way! Summer months = counter clockwise. Winter = clockwise.
  2. Don’t be afraid to run your dishwasher. You’ll actually save on water and energy by NOT hand washing your dishes and letting your fancy machine do what it does best: CLEAN YOUR DISHES EFFICIENTLY.
  3. At night when leaving a room, turn off your lights!
  4. Wash your clothes in cold water instead of hot. And while we are on the washing clothes subject, if it’s a nice day outside, hang dry your clothes. Don’t like the way it makes your Sunday best look? Hang dry towels/socks/rags/sheets only then.

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