Here Today, Gone Tomorrow? The Fate of Century Lanes in De Pere, WI

I stumbled upon some news that I vaguely recall being talked about a while ago. You know one of those stories you kinda zone out in for whatever reason, but now, now you wished you paid attention? Yeahhhh… Anyway, back to the topic! As I was saying, I stumbled upon the Brown County Historic Society’s website. Which I find fascinating, but that’s another story in itself. 

Do you know where Century Lanes in De Pere is? Of course you do! You’ve passed it like a million times, it is just before the roundabout leading to the bridge that connects East De Pere to West De Pere.

The website had this to say:

“The Century Lanes bowling alley, along with the De Pere Journal building next door, have been under pressure from developers who would like to purchase the lots, demolish the buildings, and construct condominiums.” 

I’m not quite sure what to think about this. One one hand, I’m a Realtor, you’d think I’d be thrilled at new construction for condos. The thing is, I don’t know if I want new condos at the expense of tearing down a historic De Pere icon. I’m split about 80-20. 80 being for Century Lanes to stay forever and 20 being for new condos. 

What do you think? Read about this for yourselves here

Century Lanes in De Pere, WI

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