Ways to Hide Clutter When Selling Your Home

I get it, you have a house and it’s full of furniture, memories, trinkets, kid toys, etc. I completely understand! But do you know who doesn’t always understand? BUYERS!

You don’t need to impress me when selling your home, but you need to impress potential home buyers. Do these quick fixes when your home comes on the market.

  1. Pack up unused items in your moving boxes! You’re moving anyway, get a head start!!
  2. Hide belongings in your suitcases and luggage.
  3. Hide stuff under your bed. Seriously, I know lots of sellers that do this, especially with kid’s toys!
  4. And this tip should be self explanatory but that’s not always the case: U-S-E your closets, built in cabinets, garage storage space and basement storage space.
  5. And finally, if it’s really stuff you don’t use or need, perhaps think about donating it. Don’t have time to drive up to Goodwill? See if they’ll come pick it up, or even put it on Craigslist for FREE and gift it to somebody.

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