5 Easy Water Saving Tips

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Clearly, this is not an example of water saving.

It’s wonderful owning your own home. But comments I hear a lot, especially from first-time home buyers, are how much bills are. Something that they are not used to paying for is water. Below are some H2O saving tips year round that could help you out. And even if you’re not a first time home buyer, you should read this! Who doesn’t want to save a little bit on water?!

  1. Don’t leave your H2O running – What a concept! Turn it off while you’re brushing your teeth, washing your face, shaving, washing dishes. I’ll admit it, I am guilty of leaving it on while I brush my teeth, SOMETIMES. But, I’ve learned to catch myself when that happens. 
  2. Use a rain barrel – You’ll see these at times decorative barrels connect to the eve shoots collecting rain water. I use it for my garden and plants. I should tell you though, while I think these are awesome, I loathe them at the same time. They do tend to get smelly if the water sits in the barrel too long, and it does attract mosquitos. I wouldn’t recommend placing these close to where you sit or hangout in your backyard. 
  3. Wash only full loads – If you have a dishwasher, then this pertains to you. Fill up your dishwasher completely before you run it. I am the dishwasher loading queen. It’s like a game of lame tetris or something to me. I will make items fit. 
  4. Upgrade – If your toilets are older, consider upgrading to a new water saving model. Don’t want to spend the money? No problem, put a brick in your toilet’s tank, so it uses less water. 
  5. Buckets – When washing your car, or washing the outside of your beautiful windows on your beautiful home use a bucket instead of leaving a hose on. As a side note: don’t think you need to wash your windows?? THINK AGAIN. Wash one or two then take a look at the dirty water in your bucket. See?? 


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