Parks and Rec, Green Bay, WI Style!

Bairds Creek Green Bay, WI Parks
This is Baird’s Creek, my pup’s favorite.

Being from Florida, one thing that people always ask me, is if I like Green Bay, WI. My answer is yes. Very much so. What exactly do I like that I could leave the fun and sun behind? The parks and recreational activities in Green Bay and De Pere, I think are awesome. 

There are SO MANY parks around to play in, walk in, run in.. you name it. Some parks, my dog and I run along the trail. Other parks, I ride my bike. Certain parks I walk to with friends and we people watch. Sometimes I play tennis. When my niece visits, we hit up any playground equipment we can find. Even during the wintertime, I see kids ice skate or play a pick up game of ice hockey. You can’t do that in Florida without melting. (Kidding!)

Find your own adventure in Green Bay. Check out the link below and find a new favorite hot spot!

Green Bay Parks and Trails

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