Back to Basics with Getting Your Home SOLD

So you want to sell your home. Great! Now what?

The FIRST thing you should do is call Elysian Realty to sell your home (come on, you knew that was coming!) 
As for the basics on what to do to get your home ready to sell:

Clean! Clean, clean , clean. I can’t stress this enough. When potential home buyers see a dirty home (please read “dirty” as more like “lived-in”) they can’t stop talking about it. That means they’re not talking about the great amenities your home has to offer, but just your housecleaning habits. 

Declutter! Something so easy to do. Time consuming perhaps, but easy. You’re moving anyway, get a start on packing. 

Clean up your front entry way! First impressions are important. 

These are the basics for selling your home at any time of the year. Talk with your agent on what else needs to be done before you list your house for sale.