Home Sellers: What to do on Home Inspection Day

Home sellers, what all do you need to do for a home inspection?

Leave the house – The home inspection can take about 2-3 hours, maybe even a little more depending on the size of your home. So, home sellers, find a place to go to for that time frame. And take your animals with you.  

Make sure the home inspector has easy access to: the attic, the electrical panel, sump pump, other mechanicals – I’ve had seller block in the sump pump or not have access to the attic space due to too much junk in the way and that’s created issues.

Store valuables out of sight – don’t leave money on the counter (I’ve seen this happen), don’t leave prescription pills on the counter (seen this too), don’t leave bank statements/mortgage records/life insurance policies on counter, (Yup. Seen this too), and please please please don’t leave your pornography laying out and about (ugh… Yes.)