Easily Keep Cool This Summer Without AC

Cool in Green Bay, WIWhen I lived in Florida, central air was a must have. When I moved to the Midwest my mind was blown that AC wasn’t a staple in every home. Now that I’ve lived here more than a few years, I totally get it! You don’t need AC to stay cool in the summer. In our house we have AC, but I can count the number of times on my hand that we’ve actually used it. 

So how, oh how, can you stay cool in the hot hot summer heat? 

  1. Use a fan
  2. Open windows and create a cross breeze
  3. Keep shades down during the mid afternoon heat wave
  4. Take a cold shower
  5. Drink lots of ice cold H2O
  6. Run around your house naked (please read #3 again)
  7. Use natural light instead of turning on all your lights
  8. Stay away from using the oven (look into a pressure cooker perhaps?)
  9. Get a large tupperware or bowl, fill with ice and H2O, submerge feet – feels good, right??

Who says you need central air to stay cool in the summertime!