Selling Your Home? Top 5 Mistakes That Cost Home Sellers Money

You want to get top dollar when selling your home, and you should! Don’t make these mistakes when selling your home:

  1. The Wrong Mind Set – Not every buyer is going to love your home, and not every buyer that does love your home will be willing to pay you above the purchase price, require no home inspection, and doesn’t care if the appraisal comes in high enough. Have some patience and don’t set your expectations too high. Talk with your Realtor about what to expect.
  2.  Over Pricing your Home – An over priced home sits on the market. And sits, and sits, and sits… Meanwhile you’re still paying for taxes, insurance, possibly your mortgage, utilities… 
  3. Turning a Blind Eye to Repairs – many MANY offers to purchase will come with a home inspection contingency. This is another negotiation hurdle where home buyers ask for the world and/or money, or BOTH for repairs or neglected maintenance issues. Why not take care of the blatant repairs your little eyes spy? Don’t spy any? Ask your Realtor to pint out red flags, or better yet, ask them about the pros and cons of a pre-inspection. 
  4. Photos – EVERYONE goes online to look for their dream home. So how does a home buyer pick your home to see in person over your competition? BY YOUR PHOTOS. How are your photos? Are they blurry? Are they too dark? Are your pets in them? Are YOU in them? Do you even have photos? I can’t stress this enough, but home photos are a huge deal. You have to have scheduled showings in order to get offers!
  5. Social Media Over Sharing – You’re excited to sell your home, and you should be! If you want to post about it on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Snap Chat, whatever your pleasure is – go for it! BUT ASK YOUR REALTOR FIRST. They’ll tell you what to post and what not to post. Don’t start writing to your Facebook friends about how you’re so desperate to sell your house, you’ll take X amount of money. I’m only telling you this because it’s happened. 

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