Stop! Kitchen Counter Top Time!

There are so many different types of counter tops to choose from, and they all vary in price, color, style… everything! Here’s a good list of what’s out there and what’s in style. 

Granite Counter tops Green Bay, WI

Gorgeous Granite


Granite Counter Tops – Still pretty much the top choice among homeowners. Because it’s a natural stone it does come in various patterns and designs. It’s best to seal your granite at least once a year too to help protect it.  


Tile Counter Tops – Classic and cheap. Most people like the sound of that! Many colors and patterns to choose from. You can design your own unique pattern too. 

Wood Counter Tops – Instant rustic style! What’s also great about wood counter tops is that they’re sanitary too – so go ahead chop that meat up without worries. Wood is comparable in price to laminate. 

Laminate Counter Tops in Green Bay, WI



Laminate Counter Tops – Looking for something a bit more budget friendly? This is it! And laminate comes in so so so many wonderful colors/patterns you’ll have plenty to choose from. 



Cement / Concrete Counter Tops – Sounds a little too industrial for your liking? Well, don’t knock it until you see it! It can definitely look stylin’. As a bonus, you can even stain it to a certain color or add texture for a unique look. 

Soapstone Counter Tops – Another natural stone choice. And this one you don’t need to seal yearly. Less work! Yay!

Travertine Counter Tops – Great choice, but you MUST seal and keep up the maintenance on this one, food and bacteria can get trapped in it’s pitted surface. 

Marble – Talk about luxury. And then talk about staining. Marble is porous that it does stain easily. I’ve learned first hand, marble and I don’t mix well 🙁

Quartz Counter Tops in Green Bay, WI


Quartz Counter Tops – Not a natural stone, an engineered one, but it’s gorgeous and resistant to stains, heat, scratches… awesome right? Quartz has a similar appearance to granite. Cost is compared to granite stone, very similar. 

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