The Farmory in Green Bay, WI

Something very exciting is happening right here in Green Bay and it has NOTHING to do with the Packers 😉

I was showing a home on Van Buren to some buyers of mine. It was actually a forelcosure home going for $25k. We got to the house and, well, it looked that it could be for $25k. We toured the home and then stepped outside to the backyard. Adjacent to the backyard was this huge monstrosity. It looked to be an abandoned warehouse of sorts. We joked that the home came with a great view and then back inside. But my curiosity was piqued. After the showing I went straight to a computer to look up what on earth this warehouse was, and why it wasn’t torn down yet. And that’s when I came across The Farmory. 

The Farmory is in the development stages to become an indoor farming and agri-business, thanks to NeighborWorks. (Man, I love NeighborWorks, they do AMAZING things for Green Bay.) 

According to the Farmory’s website, “Participants will learn state of the art indoor farming techniques and engage in hands-on operation of the Farmory’s crop production, including planting, harvesting packaging, and sales. Graduates of the program will earn benefits, including scholarships to NWTC or the E-Hub program to further their education. After an initial period the Farmory will operate without charitable subsidies, paying all operating costs and funding program benefits through profitable sale of produce.”

If you want to know more about the Farmory, or want to volunteer, or donate, or do anything, check out their website. 

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