February 2018 Homes Sales in Green Bay, WI

So far, the December-February homes sales for all of Wisconsin are the highest since 2005! That’s pretty big news. 

And typically, the month of February is volatile with home sales but this year home sales increased across the board in all of Wisconsin. For Brown County, WI, specifically, they were:

160 homes sold in February 2017, but this 2018 February had 173 home sales! The number of sales weren’t the only thing that increased, the median home sale price did as well. Just over 8%! The median home sale price for Brown County, WI in 2017 was $158,250. For February 2018 the median home sale price was $171,500. 

February 2018 was a pretty solid month. And there is still such a low inventory of homes for sale on the market that it seems like home sale prices will keep getting pumped up higher and higher. I’m curious to see what the spring and summer months brings us in terms of median home sale prices and number of homes sold. 

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