Go Green Go in Brown County, WI

Going more and more green has become quite the rage. And by green, I do not mean more Green and Gold – for all you Packer fans out there! I mean more conscientious of your carbon footprint. Or your house’s carbon footprint. Here is a list of how to make your home more eco-friendly for not a lot of money. Actually some of these items may actually save you some money too!

  1. Turn off your lights. Do you really need to keep all the lights on at night? When not in a room, flip the switch. 
  2. Turn down your heat at night. Sleeping in 65 degrees is the perfect “sleeping” weather. Or so say some experts on sleeping. 
  3. Insulate your attic. You can hire a pro to do this, or go to Menards or Home Depot purchase some insulation and tackle this project on your own. 
  4. Change your furnace filters! I can’t stress this on enough. If your furnace is all clogged and working double time that doesn’t do you any good, it doesn’t do your furnace any good, and it doesn’t do your heating bills any good.
  5. Hang your clothes outside to dry. Obviously, this is only possible in the warmer seasons, but it’s something to think about. 
  6. Recycle the right way. Not paper/cardboard is recyclable. Just like not every plastic container is recyclable. Tossing the acceptable items in with the non-acceptable items can cause more damage than you think. Do your own research. Every Village within Brown County has their own rules, go to your Village’s website and read up. 

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