Spruce up your home for Spring!

Are you like everyone else and is anxious for springtime weather to hit Green Bay, WI?? Don’t even pretend – of course you are! While you’re patiently waiting for the weather to catch up with your spring vibes, here are a few decorative ways to liven up your house. 

  1. Plants – this one is kinda a no brainer, but add some greenery to your home. Also, if you like to garden, start growing your veggies from seeds indoors and get a jump on for the warmer weather. 
  2. Put away your holiday lights – yes, I really did say that. Christmas lights (or whatever holiday lights) you have up, take them DOWN.
  3. Paint – Say whaaat? It’s time to get colorful! Maybe paint an accent wall in your living room or bedroom. Liven up your bathroom with a splash of color. 
  4. Colors – if even thinking about painting makes your head hurt, how about just adding colors? Like throw pillows for your couch, or a new rug. Or how about that throw blanket to wrap yourself in on those still chilly days? 
  5. Photos – add some new photos of you, your pet, or friends and family to your walls. Spruce up with some snapshots of fun days. 


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