Top 5 2019 Home Renovations that PAID Off for Home Sellers

2019 was a great year for home sellers in Green Bay, WI and De Pere, WI. But what were the top home renovations that paid off?? According to the National Associations of REALTORS’ 2019 Remodeling Impact Report these are the hot 5.

5. Hvac replacement
Replacing your old furnace and/or AC brought in about 85% of the cost. That’s a pretty darn good return rate!

4. New Garage Door
A new garage door isn’t something the typical home owners, let alone home seller, really thinks about HOWEVER replacing one of these bad boys will bring in about 95% of the recuperating costs!

3. Got Wood? Refinishing Hardwood Floors
According to the report simply refinishing your hardwood floors will give you an exact 100% value recovered. 
4. No Wood? Install NEW Hardwood Floors
Hemming and hawing over if you should replace that used and matted carpet? Installing NEW hardwood floors will on average get you 106% return rate. Nice!!

I saved the best for last. So, what’s the #1 home renovation that pays off for home sellers?? 

This one doesn’t really need an explanation. Have an old or even older roof? Well, this renovation will recoup 107% of the value. 


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