Let’s Hear it For the Ranch!

Ahhh, the simple, yet classic ranch style home. What’s so great about the ranch? The biggest thing would be that it is one story. NO STAIRS. Unless, you wanted to add a finished lower level in your basement. But in other states, basements aren’t even an option. Think Florida. In Wisconsin, there was a burst of ranch home built in the 50’s. I live in a ranch home and it was built in 1957. And nowadays, a ranch home is even more popular. Why? Baby Boomers! A lot of baby Boomers are looking for the no stairs concept. 

Other key factors or the ranch:

NO STAIRS – it’s so great I had to put it in here twice.
Low Pitched Roof Lines
Horizontal Layout, L-Shaped
Open Concept, Simple Design
Attached Garages

Something else to note about ranches, the ones built in the 50’s are nearly all brick. The ones being built today, are definitely not all brick. 


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