Home Selling Fun Facts for April 2019

National Association of Realtors (NAR) sent out a survey to over 50,000 real estate agents to ask about the housing market strength. These agents were questioned about their expectations for home sales, home sale prices and various market conditions for the month of April 2019. A few very interesting highlights are:

  • Where are my first time home buyers at?! 1st timer home buyers contributed to 32% of home sales compared to 33% a year ago in April 2018.
  • Hard money talks! Cash deals made up 20% of home sales compared to 21% a year ago in April 2018.
  • Something that I’ve been saying over and over again… and it’s confirmed that I’m not the only one: Realtors report “low inventory” and “construction” as the major issues affecting transactions in April 2019. 


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